New Way to Love

by Tej Dharam Singh

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released June 13, 2016

I'd like to thank AJ Ramirez for the studio recording and mastering. And a huge thanks to the composing genius of Rick Franz

Thank you to Stu Fuchs and Beth Lagrone for sharing your talents in these tracks

and thank you to all the people over the years that sing with me in love and devotion



all rights reserved


Tej Dharam Singh

Tej Dharam was immediately attracted to Kirtan and chanting mantra. "Bhakti unleashed the love in my heart and Kundalini yoga gave me something to do with it. Now I love everyone I meet so much I just have to uplift them."

So, have a listen.
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Track Name: Arise
Tasting a tasteless, tantalizing temptation of a tasteful demonstration of my senses.
Singing a soulful symphonic synchronization of a sour symphony of perspective.
I come across and epiphany, that makes life a little less slippery.
As the flavor changes and my world rearranges,
I find the thing I thought was lost.

Separation, nothing but a concoction from a simple mind,
to a mindless machine.
Connection, is a look in your direction,
and an ease in the dissection of the psyche.
It's an ease in the projection of a will upon the doer.
It's a cool satisfaction with what is.

It's a trust,
It's a flip of a switch,
The rushing flow of electric current,
The knowing of the unknown,
It's a bath of the heart,
The whispering of song of God,
The drowning of separation,
The rebirth of mankind.

Awaken, Arise, Arrive,
To the knowing that it was always you.
Take a breath and listen,
'Cause the world sings a song to you.
So, Rise up and sing along,
The world is yours,
and you are here to love.

Surrender so that you can merge.
Track Name: Transparent
I spend most of my life distracted,
never seeing what's in front of me.

But sometimes when the song gets sweet,
the world softens and I let go,
and I get a glimpse.

And with that glimpse comes a wave
that's a reminder of the fullness
of the heartbeat of this life.

I feel a rush of passion that comes clear in the seeing,
and I remember that I am loved,
In a way that's different than I read,
Different than I was taught,
Different than I was ever loved.

I feel love that's full,
I feel love that sees me,
Love that knows me,
And still I'm loved.

In the fullness of that wholeness
I have no fear.
There can be no lie with me transparent.

I am seen, which brings me sight,
and what I see is beautiful.
Track Name: Tej Dharam and Rick Franz - Ra Ma Da Sa
Ra - Sun
Ma - Moon
Daa - Earth
Saa - Impersonal Infinity
Saa Say - Totality of Infinity
So - Personal sense of merger and identity
Hung - The infinite, vibrating and real.

This mantra taps into the energies of the sun, moon, earth, and the Infinite Spirit to bring deep healing. It can be chanted to heal the self or to send healing energy to anyone you wish.